The Artful Eating Podcast


On the 1st of each month I will share my podcast with you. Each month will have a theme with tasks and inspiration which will encourage you to eat well, live well and enjoy each precious day. This will certainly not be challenging, everything I encourage you to do will be pleasurable, enjoyable and fun! I guarantee there will be moments of clarity, growth and change if you join me on this journey as you shed weight both figuratively and physically over the next year.

Episode 1: Adagio

Episode 2: Love

Episode 3: What is a Good Life?

Episode 4: Balance

Episode 5: The Unknown 

Episode 6: Artful Eating

Episode 7: Procrastination 

Episode 8: The Body - Physical, Pleasure, Praise and Appreciation 

Episode 9: Creativity 

Episode 10: Desire and Minimalism - Why do we always want more?

Would you like to be on my new podcast 'Your intentional Life'? 

Intentional living is all about uncovering ease and pleasure in your messy life. Once a fortnight I will share an interview with people who are living intentionally. If you'd like to be on the podcast then I'd love to hear from you! Just click the link below to apply.