The Artful Eating Podcast


On the 1st of each month of 2018 I will share my podcast with you. Each month will have a theme with tasks and inspiration which will encourage you to eat well, live well and enjoy each precious day. This will certainly not be challenging, everything I encourage you to do will be pleasurable, enjoyable and fun! I guarantee there will be moments of clarity, growth and change if you join me on this journey as you shed weight both figuratively and physically over the next year.

Episode 1: Adagio

Episode 2: Love

Episode 3: What is a Good Life?

Episode 4: Balance

Episode 5: The Unknown 

Episode 6: Artful Eating

Episode 7: Procrastination 

Episode 8: The Body - Physical, Pleasure, Praise and Appreciation 

Episode 9: Creativity 

Episode 10: Desire and Minimalism - Why do we always want more?

Episode 11: End of year reflections