Success Stories

Inspiring stories form some of the amazing Artful Eaters...

“I found myself a year ago a divorced mother of four, with a young baby and years and years worth of baggage holding me back from being the person I always thought I was going to be ‘one day’. I was 30 or 40 pounds overweight, unhappy in myself, trying fad diets, feeling like I was on a vicious roundabout that I couldn’t get off. What I have learnt most from Artful Eating is that the dieting I was doing for years was breaking me down mentally and physically. I needed to address the reasons I had needed to diet in the first place, and only in the realization of the causes of my overeating could I continue with successful weight loss. 

I’m now in love with my body again and my energy levels are fantastic! I’ve lost 30lbs so far and it really has been an enjoyable process. This is like no other diet I’ve tried. I can eat the food I love, I just now understand how to eat and I finally feel happy and healthy. Artful eating has changed everything for me. I am finally happy with my body and with food, my diet is not what I think of every minute and I don’t constantly feel guilty about food. I have instilled in my life lasting methods and habits for eating healthy, delicious meals that the whole family enjoy. We have all benefited from artful eating. I always enjoyed cooking, but I was definitely in a ‘food rut’ Artful Eating has completely changed that and I love the freedom I feel now, with what I wear, eat and do! ”

— Deirdre, Bordeaux, France

“The cognitive hypnosis audios are so amazing despite, being highly skeptical that they would actually work. I felt totally ‘different’ after the audios- I could see myself resisting processed food and feeling satisfied pushing away the plate or with small portions. The audios taught me how to set my goals and stick to them, but mostly I learned that I could lose weight by focusing on the way I thought about eating, without much detailed day to day thinking: it was quite easy when I got going! They reinforced that this is a whole new approach to eating. Truly amazing, as this has changed my life”

— Charles, London, UK


Elizabeth Ojeda

“I have been very conscious of my diet the last few years, and had started to feel that I have established a healthy eating regime. I enjoy the challenge, but always had a niggling worry in the back of my mind that I will eventually tire of the control, or get bored with the challenge.

Since starting Artful Eating I’ve really noticed that the constant underlying worrying about what and how much I’m eating/not eating has fallen away, and my mind has accepted this a period of reprogramming. I came into this quite skeptical - but with an open mind to give it a fair chance, somewhat contradictory I know, but after years of trying different ‘diets’ and approaches I guess you become a little jaded, but there is always hope! My skepticism fell away pretty quickly! For the first time in years, regarding diet - or I should eating habits - I feel quite relaxed, and am enjoying the experience. 

I haven’t jumped in head first like I’ve done in the past, only to find I lose interest after the first flush, instead I’m quite laid back and level - I think this is down to the mindful meditations. Karina your voice is so perfect for this!!! I listen every night through the week of the lesson and it definitely keeps it in your mind, without absorbing all your thoughts.

I can relax and enjoy my food, and my mind is freed from the constant cycle of monitoring and controlling diet. That’s huge! You don’t realise that you are doing it, or how draining of your energy it is - it’s so nice to have all that time and brain space to explore other thoughts - it’s liberating! ”

— Riceal- Dublin, Ireland

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How were you feeling before Artful eating?

I'd moved country and started a new full time job and found that my eating habits were all over the place. I wasn't feeling very motivated by healthy eating and exercise and was finding myself feeling sluggish and indulging in heavier, processed  based meals and snacks and eating on the go a lot.

What is the most important thing you learned?

It really is all in the mind!! Once I went through the  lessons, it all made complete sense. I’ve always focused on calories and exercise but I never considered the psychological aspects of my relationship with food and my body.  It all really resonated with me. I think the biggest thing for me was learning to listen to my body and to not always feel like I have to finish my plate.

How are you feeling after Artful eating?

I feel so  motivated, something has really shifted in my mindset and I know I will not go back to my old ways of thinking and eating. I know I can always go back to the lessons, or listen to the Cognitive Hypnosis Audios, which I absolutely love, whenever I feel like it.

How was this impacted your life?

It has changed my perspective on food and my consumption of food for the better and I feel fantastic inside and out!

— Lorna-Jane, Dublin, Ireland


“After spending years of losing and gaining weight I felt that my life was being controlled by food prior to engaging with Artful Eating. I felt that food was always going to control my life and it caused me to have distant relationships with friends and family as I didn’t want anyone to truly know what was affecting my life as I presented myself to friends as being carefree and confident.

Prior to the programme I felt anxious, stressed, down, self conscious and I had withdrawn from social situations and I didn’t spend time on myself or buying nice clothes for myself due to how I was feeling about myself. Since starting the Artful Eating programme I have learnt to start accepting my body. I have identified what was holding me back and making me so unhappy about the way I looked and how this affected my relationship with food.

For example, the story I was telling myself prior to Artful Eating was very destructive so I have learnt that I need to reshape the story that I have been telling myself. Artful Eating has also helped me identify eating patterns which I had, for example eating because its mealtime, eating too fast and not engaging with what I’m actually eating and eating during stressful periods. I have learnt that my relationship with food has not been about the food but about other issues which I’m now addressing but the food and my eating patterns in the past has masked what was really going on. Artful Eating has allowed me freedom around food. I don’t feel as anxious around food since engaging with the programme.

Finally, I have learnt that its important to declutter and starting doing things for myself that make me feel good rather than waiting to feel good when I have reached my ideal weight or size. Instead, I have learnt to be happy with myself in the present moment. After identifying my habits around food I now feel more freedom and less anxiety around food. I do not eat as fast as I did in the past so I’m enjoying food more. Before eating something I ask myself if I am hungry or if there is an emotional trigger to my hunger.

I feel if I continuously apply the tools that have been taught during the Artful Eating programme that I will have more liberty around food and enjoy food as fuel rather than having a negative association with food and using it as a quick fix for some other issue. I feel more positive, energised and an overall joyous feeling as I’m now addressing what my issues are and I am enjoying food rather than having a negative association with it when I’m feeling down.

Artful eating has had a positive impact on my life. I now feel happier, more positive and I’m enjoying my life more without being controlled by food. I have learned to become happy with myself in the present moment which has allowed me to respect my body for the first time in years which ultimately means that I am happier and less stressed around my body and around food. Overall, I thought it was a fantastic programme which I would highly recommend. It allowed me to identify what was holding me back from living my life which has led to a happier, more relaxed and positive feeling about myself and my body. ”

— Laura, Dublin, Ireland


How were you feeling before Artful eating?

In one word, lethargic. I was constantly tired, and worried about my weight. Thinking about my weight would get me down, and I would turn to food for comfort.  Looking back now, I realise  that it was just a vicious cycle that would never break if I continued with the fad diets I was constantly attempting, and rapidly failing.

What is the most important thing you learned?

That my relationship with food was holding me back from achieving my weight-loss goals and ultimately, being comfortable with my body. Food is not the enemy, used correctly, food can assist your weight loss and even speed it up!

How are you feeling after Artful eating?

I feel fantastic! Not only have the pounds dropped off but Artful Eating has allowed me to sustain this lifestyle change permanently. I have an abundance of energy and am constantly on the lookout for new healthy recipes to attempt with my friends.


How was this impacted your life?

Artful eating has allowed me to be truly happy with my body. Once I realised all the psychological reasons behind my weight it was easy to begin analysing and changing them. Not only do you drop weight, you will notice other aspects of your life improving as a result. My social life and overall mentality has improved 10-fold!

— Niamh Dublin, Ireland


How were you feeling before Artful eating?

I had just had my daughter and as I first time mom I was really struggling to get the balance right! I was feeling unhappy with my weight  as my body has completely changed. I was disillusioned with all the different diets I had been on in the past and before Artful Eating   had given up dieting and remained unhappy with my body. I felt defeated.

What is the most important thing you learned?

It has genuinely changed my attitude and relationship with food. I've lost weight and feel much more positive about my body and food. I’ve shifted the baby weight really easily without dieting. I can’t get over how enjoyable it was. I wouldn’t have believed that you can lose weight without depriving yourself or cutting out carbs or sugar or the foods you love. But you absolutely can. I now get that it’s not about what you eat, but how you eat!

How are you feeling after Artful eating?

I feel incredible, my mindset has shifted for the better and I am truly happy with my body!

How was this impacted your life?

I loved doing Artful Eating, the tools  and strategies that I’ve learned  will stay with me for life, and I love that I can share this healthy relationship with good food with my daughter.

— Kim, Dublin, Ireland