ARTFUL EATINg half day Kickstarter intensive

What If You Could Eat With Ease And Enjoy Your Body, By Changing Nothing But Your Mind?

Release yourself from the control of food, find peace in your body and fulfilment in your life with an Artful Eating half-day  Kickstarter session.


If you’re a woman whose weight has always seemed like an ‘issue’ - chances are, you’ve tried every diet on the market, without lasting success. 

Imagine then, if you could learn to enjoy food AND a beautiful body, without dieting. 

I'm here to show you that you can. 

It’s time to treat food as the pleasurable, magical resource that it is, and to treat your body with the love and respect it deserves.  Because when you upgrade your relationship with food, you upgrade your relationship with yourself. And that upgrades your entire life. 


Introducing your half day Artful Eating Kickstarter Intensive Coaching Session


To date I’ve helped hundreds of women let of their unhealthy eating habits and achieve the level of health, wellbeing and body confidence they desire. 

I will show you that the solution lies not what you eat, but in why and how and why you eat. 

Unconscious habits like eating for comfort or reward, unhealthy patterns like bingeing or dieting, unsupportive beliefs of embarrassment, anxiety or body shame...there’s a reason for every single thing you believe, think and do. And when we get to the bottom of that root cause, we can dig into and remove the problem, for good. 

Your investment

This is an intensive four hour coaching session which gets results.

It is a €497 investment in your health, well being and vitality. 

During this laser-focused Artful Eating half day kickstarter session we’ll: 

  • Uncover what the key deeply-ingrained drivers are behind the food and body struggles you’ve experienced for so long, so you can begin to release and rewire them 
  • Introduce you to powerful tools you can use to start changing your bad habits immediately, so you can feel ease and enjoyment around everything you eat 
  • Eradicate your self-sabotaging thoughts, so you can feel motivated and open to change 
  • Discover the unique-to-you changes you can make straight away to feel love, joy and respect for yourself whenever you look in the mirror 
  • Create a solid action plan on the exact next steps you can take to release yourself from the control of food and find peace in your body



Here's what my clinet's are saying...

I found myself a year ago a divorced mother of four, with a young baby and years and years worth of baggage holding me back from being the person I always thought I was going to be ‘one day’. I was 30 or 40 pounds overweight, unhappy in myself, trying fad diets, feeling like I was on a vicious roundabout that I couldn’t get off.

What I have learnt most from artful eating is that the dieting I was doing for years was breaking me down mentally and physically. I needed to address the reasons I had needed to diet in the first place, and only in the realization of the causes of my overeating could I continue with successful weight loss.
I’m now in love with my body again and my energy levels are fantastic! I’ve lost 30lbs so far and it really has been an enjoyable process. This is like no other diet I’ve tried. I can eat the food I love, I just now understand how to eat and I finally feel happy and healthy.

Artful eating has changed everything for me. I am finally happy with my body and with food, my diet is not what I think of every minute and I don’t constantly feel guilty about food. I have instilled in my life lasting methods and habits for eating healthy, delicious meals that the whole family enjoy. We have all benefited from artful eating. I always enjoyed cooking, but I was definitely in a ‘food rut’ Artful Eating has completely changed that and I love the freedom I feel now, with what I wear, eat and do!

— Deirde, Bordeaux - France

Before joining Artful Eating, I’d moved country and started a new full time job and found that my eating habits were all over the place. I wasn’t feeling very motivated by healthy eating and exercise and was finding myself feeling sluggish and indulging in heavier, processed based meals and snacks and eating on the go a lot.

I now know it’s really is all in the mind!! Once I went through the lessons, it all made complete sense. I’ve always focused on calories and exercise but I never considered the psychological aspects of my relationship with food and my body. I think the biggest thing for me was learning to listen to my body and to not always feel like I have to finish my plate.
I now feel so motivated, something has really shifted in my mindset and I know I will not go back to my old ways of thinking and eating. I know I can always go back to the lessons, or listen to the Cognitive Hypnosis Audios, which I absolutely love, whenever I feel like it.

— Lorna, Dublin, Ireland

Ready to kickstart your life of freedom and fulfilment?